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The New Mexico Internet Professionals Association (NMIPA) is grateful to the following organizations and individuals for their creative ideas, long hours of work, contributions of equipment and company space. The NMIPA Fire Information Web Site would not have been possible without them and uncounted contributions from other members of the NMIPA, the media and the general public for submitting information & links..

Ron Tafoya
Chairman of the Board, NMIPA

Special Recognition:
Tim Fowler of Panorama Point for originating the project. Shane Robinson of Symtezzi for the rapid start-up of the web site. Alex Rice of Panorama Point for rapid development of the forums.

  • Azure Communications (for providing content updates)
  • BizCreate.Com (for the Resource Finder database)
  • Lobo Internet Services (for mail hosting)
  • National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) (for NMIPA phone Hotline)
  • NET MAN (for maintenance and Webmastering)
  • New Mexico Technet (for setting up numerous public network access sites for evacuees in the shelters)
  • Oso Grande Technologies (for the New Mexico Fire Evacuees Database)
  • Panorama Point (for forums and site promotion)
  • Regional Development Authority (RDC) (for funding a major portion of the NMIPA's on-going efforts)
  • Santa Fe Community College (for volunteer data entry)
  • Santa Fe Institute (for Cerro Grande Fire Information, including Evacuee Information)
  • Strategic Analytics (for the Resource Finder database)
  • Symtezzi (for web hosting, maintenance and Webmastering)
  • TaosNet/NewMex (for Fire Evacuees Emergency Shelter and Lodging Information)
  • TelActive, Inc. (for special financial site contribution)
  • Westward Connections (for press releases)


  • Alex Rice, Panorama Point
  • Andy Alsop, Panorama Point
  • Barb Tomlin, Westward Connections
  • Brian Harris, New Mexico Technet
  • Carl Muehlenweg, Lobo Internet Services
  • Chad Lungren, Oso Grande Technologies
  • Cheryl Haaker, Oso Grande Technologies
  • Chris Kramer, Symtezzi
  • David Goldberg, TelActive, Inc.
  • David McDonald, Panorama Point
  • Gary Milczarek, Strategic Analytics
  • Hank LeMieux, Panorama Point
  • Kathy Stubbs, Santa Fe Community College
  • Ken King, New Mexico Technet
  • Kerry Gras-Usry, Symtezzi
  • Kerry Shover, New Mexico Technet
  • Marianne Granof, ZiaNet
  • Mike Kruchoski, USA-SW.com
  • Monte Mitzelfelt, Oso Grande Technologies
  • Nelson Ward, NMIPA
  • Ron Tafoya, NCGR
  • Roxanne Darling, The Energy.com
  • Samsunshine Levy, NET MAN
  • Shane Robinson, Symtezzi
  • Susan Chapman, Azure Communication
  • Tim Fowler, Panorama Point
  • Todd Underwood, Oso Grande Technologies

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