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Los Alamos - Cerro Grande Fire

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Damaged Homes
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    Since 1997 this popular series of classes have been taught by ADC Referral, an organization of Santa Fe / White Rock architects and builders dedicated to helping New Mexicans achieve excellent design that is both ecological and affordable. Classes are coordinated by Robin Dorrell, founder of ADC Referral, and taught at Santa Fe Community College. ADC (Architects, Designers & Contractors Referral Service) was organized by local architects and builders so the public has a smart and educational way to meet relevant firms for their projects.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

5/14/2000 8:00 PM
FEMA Disaster Assistance: 1-800-462-9029 TTY 1-800-462-7585 Since the President declared this a Major Disaster Area, resources are now available through FEMA for victims, including grants, loans, unemployment insurance, legal services, temporary housing and more. The first step in the process is to call the 800 number to apply. An application will be filled out over the phone. Then a FEMA representative will contact the victim in person. Estimate of 3 weeks to 30 days to receive loans and grants.
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Los Alamos County recorded information - 505-662-9150 or 
Los Alamos Fire Information Center - 505-667-0351  
(LANL) news bulletin page.
fire including maps, etc.  

5/15/2000 6:30 PM
The New Mexico, Department of Health has made available respite funds to any family who has a child or family member with a disability or special needs (of any age) who are affected by the Los Alamos fire evacuation. Respite is available if you want a break for a few hours or even over night, even after you return home. We have trained staff who can look after your child or family member and a variety of settings are available. This service is available both on weekdays and on weekends, daytime and evenings. For more Information call:
Santa Maria El Mirador (505) 450-6484 (Contact - Anita Westbrook)
Las Cumbres (505) 753-4243 evenings (Contact - Jody Thome)
1 (800) 830-6017 business hours.



LOS ALAMOS, N.M. – (May 11, 2000) – If your home, auto or business suffered damage in the Los Alamos-area fire, you’re going to want to take steps to prevent further damage to your property and to protect yourself when returning to the property.
People who have claims should call SAFECO’s toll-free claims line at 1-888-557-5010. When returning to your property, take care to wear proper shoes and gloves to protect against cuts from broken glass and protruding sharp objects.
"If possible, and without jeopardizing personal safety, it is wise to make emergency repairs and protect your property from the weather," according to Joe Hart, SAFECO’s claim coordinator for the Los Alamos fires.
SAFECO is augmenting existing area claims staff with a team of specially trained adjusters to settle claims and assist customers returning to the fire area. "Again, for SAFECO’s customers who have claims, the most important thing they should do is call 1-888-557-5010 to get the claims process started," said Hart.
SAFECO, in business since 1923, is a Fortune 500 diversified financial services company based in Seattle. SAFECO and its more than 17,000 independent agents and investment advisors provide premier insurance and financial services to individual and business customers. You can find more information about SAFECO at its Web site,  




 Pets & Animals
Click Here for the Los Alamos specific Pets & Animals Page
More information may be available from the general 
information Pets/Animals Page.
Relief Funds
5/12/00 2:45 PM
Gov. Gary Johnson announces that the Red Cross asks please do not continue to donate food, clothing, or supplies because they no longer have the storage capabilities. Please donate MONEY to American Red Cross, 1312 Mercantile Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505 or by credit card at 505-424-1611
5/12/00 11:28 AM The American Red Cross in Santa Fe needs cash donations that will be placed in a special Los Alamos Disaster Fund. Donations can be sent to: American Red Cross, 1312 Mercantile Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505 or by credit card at 424-1611. The Santa Fe Red Cross is not accepting in-kind donations at this time.
Resource Database

Links for listings of Special Needs and offers of availability of related items from donors:
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Resource Finder:

Temporary Housing

Thank You
  The communities of Los Alamos and White Rock have set up this Website to post their "Thank Yous" to everyone who helped during the emergency.
5/15/2000 6:15 PM
(submitted to this site anonymously) Please remember that the Los Alamos Police department personnel need to be remembered in relief efforts: food, water, personal hygiene supplies, changes of clothing etc. AND duty rotation. These people have been dealing with this catastrophe the longest, since Sunday. They live there, they work there, they have nowhere to go when it is time to go "off duty." They have to stay there. They catch a few hours sleep in one of the hotels and then back to work. They have no outside relief or supply lines such as the National Guard or other state and city police/fire agencies who have been called in to help, nor do they have the ability to be rotated out of the area like the outside agency personnel. Many of the supplies are targeted to the "fire fighters" and may not be making it to police personnel. Please remember the local Los Alamos Police in your relief efforts. Thank you.


5/15/2000 6:44 PM The New Mexico Department of Labor has a temporary site to collect Unemployment Insurance claims for those who have lost their jobs due to the Los Alamos fire. Please contact the NMDOL at 505-827-7434 in Santa Fe.



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