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Press Releases

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Press Releases related to specific emergencies may be viewed by going to the specific emergency as listed on the  Emergency List Page.

This page is used for general interest press releases.

  • 6/1/00 11:00AM SANTA FE IMPOSES FIRE RESTRICTIONS BY executive order, Santa Fe Mayor Larry Delgado has imposed emergency fire restrictions within the city limits of Santa Fe. These restrictions are as follows:
    • NO open fires within the city limits
    • NO smoking outdoors
    • NO use of charcoal grills
    • NO burning of trash or vegetation
    • NO use of off-road vehicles, motorbikes, or chainsaws within city parks and other public areas.
    • A complete ban on fireworks is expected at the next City Council meeting.

Any violation is punishable with a $500 fine.

Also, virtually all National Forest land in the Santa Fe area is closed to all access. This includes the entire Santa Fe National Forest and Atalaya Mountain. Any violations are punishable by a $500 fine. For information on open hiking trails call the Forest Service. The watershed areas for the entire region are in EXTREME DANGER. Please use common sense for the duration of this emergency. Conserve water, don't throw cigarette butts out the window, stay out of the mountains until the dry weather passes, DO NOT have any open fires or flames of any kind, and most importantly, CONSERVE WATER!


  • 5/21/00 11:00AM AREA CLOSURES INSTITUTED ON THE LINCOLN NATIONAL FOREST Alamogordo, NM (May 19, 2000) - Due to extreme fire conditions and recent large fire activity that has occurred on the Lincoln National Forest, Forest Service land within the Smokey Bear and Sacramento Ranger Districts will be closed to public access on May 24, 2000, 8:00 A.M. The only exception will be for private landowners. The Guadalupe Ranger District will remain open but with restrictions on all open fires, smoking and fireworks. The closed areas are defined on maps and in written information available at the Forest Service's offices in Alamogordo, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft and Carlsbad. Closure information will also be provided to local Chamber of Commerce, city and county government, cooperating agencies, and merchants for public reference.
    The area closures do not affect federal and state highways. Property owners and their guests will continue to have access to private lands within the Forest. All communities, big and small, adjacent to the Forest will also remain accessible to the public.
    The Villages of Cloudcroft and Ruidoso will still be fully accessible to visitors. While outdoor restrictions on smoking, open fires, and other regulations apply to both locations, visitors may picnic, use propane-style cook stoves in Village park space, and enjoy the many amenities that Cloudcroft and Ruidoso offer. "Our stores, restaurants, lodging and other services are open, and visitors can still escape the hot summer weather for a cool stroll through our historic downtown area," said Cloudcroft Mayor Dave Venable.. "We encourage people to visit in spite of these restrictions."
    Activities, such as the upcoming Mayfair Juried Arts Show in Cloudcroft, are still planned with attendance in the thousands projected. "This Chamber-sponsored event is on May 27 and 28 and includes an evening street dance May 28," said Chamber Director Ron Gilmore. "Visitors are welcome to participate." There are also many other events planned throughout the summer in Ruidoso and the surrounding areas.
    Ground and air patrols will be increased throughout the closure period to detect violators. The public is also encouraged to call their local law enforcement agency or Forest Service office to report violations of any local restrictions or the Forest closure.
    For information about fire restrictions on public lands in Arizona and New Mexico, call the toll-free fire hotline at 1-888-864-6985 or visit the Southwestern Region Fire Website at www.fs.fed.us/r3/fire and .
  • 5/18/00 4:00PM Cerro Grande Prescribed Fire Investigation Report The Cerro Grande Prescribed Fire Investigation Report was delivered to the Secretary of Interior, Bruce Babbitt on May 18, 2000.
  • 5/12/00 1:20 PM (LASG) mission is a 'reliable and independent perspective of what's happening at our nuclear weapons laboratories.' Both yesterday and today, LASG has been making aerial radioactivity measurements in the smoke plume. They have detected NO radioactivity thus far in the plume. LASG says that if the plume itself has no detectable radiation, the downwind, dilute smoke should be all the less potentially dangerous. Of course any smoke has hazards. This may be reassuring for those of you concerned about inhaling radioactive particles.


New Mexico Lawyers Mobilizing to Provide Free Legal Assistance to Fire Victims

The State Bar of New Mexico has two disaster response teams trained to provide legal assistance in disasters such as the Cerro Grande Fire in northern New Mexico and the Cree Fire in southern New Mexico, and the Bar is ready to activate its emergency plan. At the current time, a volunteer lawyer network is being organized and will be deployed when appropriate.

Following the immediate emergency, and at such time as residents and businesses are ready to deal with the aftermath of the disaster, volunteer attorneys will be prepared and available to assist in a number of ways. Initially, lawyers can provide free legal assistance to those residents who have been displaced and who have lost property.

"The emotional distress that occurs in a tragedy of this nature makes it difficult for victims and their families to make informed decisions about matters of pressing importance," said Stephen E. Doerr, president of the State Bar. "We urge caution to those who may be vulnerable during the disaster, and the State Bar will provide pro bono (free) legal assistance during this time of distress."

In addition, the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar, in cooperation with the American Bar Association and FEMA, may also join forces to mobilize volunteer attorneys to implement a disaster legal assistance program to address immediate legal problems on-site at designated FEMA centers when and if those services are requested by a FEMA Regional Director.

In the meantime, the State Bar has offered to set-up another phone bank for the American Red Cross, and is collecting monetary donations from its members to contribute to the fire relief effort. Lawyers and other interested individuals may contribute to the fund by making checks payable to the "State Bar Fire Relief Fund," account number 1351339582 to deposit at any Wells Fargo Bank nationwide, or mail checks to Charlie Wilkinson-macs4500-050, Wells Fargo Bank NM, P.O. Box 1081, Albuquerque, NM 87103-1081, c/o account #1351339582.

While the State Bar offices cannot provide legal advice to individuals, its staff may be able to answer general questions or to provide other assistance and resources, according to State Bar Executive Director Cheryl Bruce. For more information, call the State Bar offices at 797-6099, 797-6050 or 797-6032.



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