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Damaged Homes

Information about rebuilding destroyed or damaged homes:

Bank Donations 
to find the nearest bank where you can make a donation.
Bank of Albuquerque on behalf of the Red Cross relief Fund. 505-855-0847 - Account #7827708826
Disaster Relief Fund Established at Bank of Albuquerque. Cash, check and credit card donations to benefit fire victims can be directed to Bank of Albuquerque - at any branch location - to account 7827708826 or by mail to:
   Bank of Albuquerque
   Fire Victim Fund
   PO Box 26027
   Albuquerque, NM 87125
First State Bank in Albuquerque - 505-241-7690
Bank of America in Santa Fe - 2308 Cerrillos Rd., 510 N Guadalupe (Devargas Mall) 1-800-869-7737
Red Cross Donations  to make a credit card donation directly to the Red Cross. * CAUTION: "If you wish to make a donation to your local Red Cross chapter, please select Local Community Services on our donation form. Your zip code will determine the chapter that will receive your donation." THIS MEANS YOUR ZIPCODE MUST BE IN NEW MEXICO to use this method. If you are from outside New Mexico and wish to donate for the NM fire relief effort, PLEASE DONATE BY TELEPHONE!

FEMA Disaster Assistance

Financial Information

5/15/2000 6:30 PM
The New Mexico, Department of Health has made available respite funds to any family who has a child or family member with a disability or special needs (of any age) who are affected by the Los Alamos fire evacuation. Respite is available if you want a break for a few hours or even over night, even after you return home. We have trained staff who can look after your child or family member and a variety of settings are available. This service is available both on weekdays and on weekends, daytime and evenings. For more Information call:
Santa Maria El Mirador (505) 450-6484 (Contact - Anita Westbrook)
Las Cumbres (505) 753-4243 evenings (Contact - Jody Thome) 1 (800) 830-6017 business hours.

Click Here
for Disaster Victims Legal Guide

New Mexico Lawyers Mobilizing to Provide Free Legal Assistance to Fire Victims
Protect your Home

How to protect your home from fire:

Red Cross
Red Cross  505-265-8514
Los Alamos Red Cross - 505-662-7165

Red Cross office is located in the Chamber of Commerce building, 720 Sudderth, phone 505-257-7579

Resource Database

Links for listings of Special Needs and offers of availability of related items from donors:
Resource Finder:
Resource Finder:  

Telephone Numbers

  • Donate Blood  Blood Supply DANGEROUSLY low- 800-333-8037 Rodeo Shopping Plaza
  • Espanola Emergency Information - 505-747-6015 or 505-747-6013
  • Espanola Medical Center - 505-753-7111
  • FEMA Disaster Assistance - 800-462-9029
  • Housing Hotline Number- 505-222-3232
  • Red Cross Albuquerque - 505-265-8514
  • Red Cross Los Alamos - 505-662-7165
  • Red Cross Ruidoso - 505-257-7579
  • San Miguel County Emergency Management Office - 505-454-4927
  • Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) is designated as a shelter for displaced persons, contact David Pacheco at 505- 428-1256
  • Santa Fe Food Bank - 505-471-1633
  • Santa Fe St. Vincent's Medical Center - 505-983-3361
  • Santa Fe Volunteers - 505-662-7165
  • Santa Fe YMCA - 505-983-8821

Temporary Housing

See the Emergency List for emergency specific housing assistance.


5/15/2000 6:44 PM The New Mexico Department of Labor has a temporary site to collect Unemployment Insurance claims for those who have lost their jobs due to the Los Alamos fire. Please contact the NMDOL at 505-827-7434 in Santa Fe.

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